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1996 M.F.A. Printmaking, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1993 Cont. Ed. Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
1991 B.A. Humanities, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT. Honors Graduate


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Solo Exhibitions

  • 2003 Savage Gallery Portland, OR
  • 2002 Feldman Gallery Portland, OR
  • 2001 What's In Store Agnew's Gallery, London, England
  • 2000 Branded Roebling Hall Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1996 Cont. Art Workshop Chicago, IL

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Group Exhibitions

  • 2003 Critical Consumption, The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2001 Scott's Toilet Paper Show, 16 Beaver Group, New York, NY
  • 2000 Ferrancano Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • 4 from Williamsburg, CSPS Legion Arts Center, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • 1999 (P)review, Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY
  • Babel, Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1997 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo, Japan
  • Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
  • 1996 Gallery 2, Chicago, IL
  • S.O.F.A., Chicago, IL
  • New Talent 1, Cont. Art Workshop, Chicago, I L

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  • 2001 Bear Deluxe Magazine (Fall 2001), "Mystery Products" feature article
  • online images from American Alphabet
  • 2000 ABC News .'Hype" John Stossel (Dec. 22), news special on media and branding Adbusters (October-November), feature printout
  • Advertising Age (June 19),"Do You Know Your ABCs?" feature article, printout
  • Art in America review by Carol Kino, photo
  • (June 30), solo show review by Paul Laster, photo
  • The Brooklyn Rail (Dec-Jan), feature article by David Eustace
  • Cedar Rapids Gazette (Sept. 7), feature article, printout
  • Elle Germany (August) general Williamsburg, Brooklyn, gallery review
  • Icon Newspaper (Oct. 5, Cedar Rapids, IA), "P is for Pez" article by Rob Cline, International Trademark Association Newsletter (August 15), feature article, printou KCCK Radio (Cedar Rapids, IA), interview
  • Marie Claire Maison (October), general Williamsburg, Brooklyn article, photo
  • The Oregonian (July 1), solo show review by Arts Editor David Row, printout
  • - (June), solo show review by Jennifer Dalton
  • 11211 magazine - (September), review by Becca Wilson, printout

Bibliography cont.

  • 1998 Frankfurter Allegemeine
  • Die Welt - "Kunstmarkt" feature article, art photo
  • Review Magazine - group show review
  • Time Out New York - group show review
  • 1997 New Art Examiner - "Studio View" feature column by Senior Editor Anne Wiens
  • Umbrella Artists Book Review - artist book review
  • 1996 The Chicago Reader - art photo and listing
  • The Chicago Reader - art photo and listing
  • The Chicago Sun-Times - art photo and interview

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USA Today/Gannett Washington, D.C.
SCI Financial Corp. Philadelphia, PA.
Printed Matter New York; NY
Print Department The School of the Art Institute Chicago

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Related Experience

1999 - Visiting Artist, Studio Art Centers International, Florence,
1996 - Visiting Artist, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

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