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Guy Richards Smit 
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Reception: Saturday, April 16, 6-8 PM
April 16 ? May 14
Hours: Friday ? Monday 12-6 PM

Roebling Hall is very pleased to present Nausea 2, Guy Richards Smit?s porn rock opera, which premiered last December at MoMA.

Nausea 2 is a feature length video project in the tradition of cinematic rock operas. It is the absurdist journey of two adult film stars through crippling doubt, self-discovery, healing and finally ? thanks to an ecstatic fashion-filled shopping spree ? unconditional love. Smit?s carnal, rocking, stylish and hilarious tale doubles as a pop critique of the contemporary art world as it exposes the eternal themes of love and vanity.

After achieving stardom in the art world and literary circles, Guy Richards Smit?s character Maxi Geil! experiences a physical repulsion to his vocation as an adult film star and is left unable to perform. He calls a press conference to announce his retirement, and there he meets another adult film star, Giselle Thurst (Rebecca Chamberlain), who has experienced a similar physical reaction to her work. They bond but are thwarted in their search for help. Ultimately, they achieve a state of ecstasy and healing by way of high fashion consumption.

Written, starring and directed by Guy Richards Smit, Nausea 2 features the music of Smit?s band Maxi Geil! & PlayColt. Time Out New York has described the band as a ?glammy art-rock group whose sly, tuneful music hearkens back to early Bowie and Roxy Music, with all the camp, drama and fabulousness the description implies. The band is tight and funky, and backing vocalist Rebecca Chamberlain's purr makes us weak in the knees." In addition to Smit and Chamberlain, the supporting cast includes the fantastic Zoe Lister-Jones as a young conflicted starlet and King Lou Fernandez as Maxi Geil's loyal manager. Nausea 2 features a cameo studded roster of art world notables such as Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids), Delia Brown, Fritz Chesnut, Chris Chiappa, Will Cotton, Tony Matelli, John Pilson, and many others.

Also included in the exhibition are a number of Guy Richards Smit?s hilarious watercolors that riff on the front pages of The New York Times. With dark humor and painterly panache, Smit evokes an emotional response to current events that is half interior-life diary and half old-fashioned social commentary.

The production of Nausea 2 was partially funded by the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. Additional funding was provided by the MAT Charitable Foundation. Clothes supplied by Amarcord; make-up by 3 Custom Color; post-production by Subvoyant; incidental music by David Abir; music produced and recorded by Roger Fife; produced by Ami Armstrong.

Guy Richards Smit has previously exhibited his work in, among other venues, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, MOMA?s Mediascope, La Bienal de Valencia, the Havana Biennial, the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, the Bass Museum of Art, Aeroplastics (Brussels), and G-Module (Paris).
Guy Richards Smit has upcoming exhibitions at Sketch (June 2005) and the new Fred (London) Ltd (June 2005), both in London, UK.



"A Message to My Audience"


94 Prince Street
Manhattan NY

For Immediate Release

Live Performance: Joe's Pub, Saturday, October 25, 9 PM, $12
Reception Saturday, November 1st, 6-9 PM
Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12-6 PM
November 1 - December 6, 2003

Satellite is very pleased to present "A Message to My Audience" an amped up yet intimate installation of painting and video within a recreation of the bedroom of Maxi Geil!, the rockstar alter-ego of artist Guy Richards Smit. Coupling seemingly incongruent attributes?that of the ego-driven exhibitionist with an intimate and personal portrayal of his band Maxi Geil! & PlayColt?Smit dances a paradoxical line between parody and sincerity.

By making the bedroom of Maxi Geil the setting for this exhibition, Smit plumbs the depths of the cult of personality, reaching beyond the facade of fame, and exposing the inner, vulnerable side of his infamous Maxi Geil! persona. Within this very intimate setting, a place where we imagine sex and dreams unfolding, Smit reveals the inner life of rock stars, through sensuous yet quiet portraits of each of the band members. Not the glitzy, hyped images you would expect of members of a rock band, Smit presents sensitive depictions of each band member engaged in deeply personal, introspective moments.

In contrast to this, the full-on star quality of the Maxi Geil! & PlayColt phenomena is played out on the bedroom?s TV set. A broadcast of the television music program "Countdown Video Klasse!??beamed directly from from the upper reaches of Alpine Switzerland?hypes the band through video performances of live shows and a staged music video of the hit "Strange Sensation". Hosted by a Swiss, Deutsch-speaking, "hip" version of Casey Kasem, this pop television program confirms the expansive international influence of Maxi Geil! & PlayColt. In "Strange Sensation," even classical balletists find it necessary to reach out to Maxi Geil to reinvent themselves in a contemporary guise.

Guy Richards Smit has previously exhibited his work in, among other venues, MOMA?s Mediascope, La Bienal de Valencia, Havana Biennial, Palm Beach Istitute of Contemporary Art, Bass Museum of Art, Aeroplastics (Brussels), G-Module (Paris), and Roebling Hall.


Guy Richards Smit



"The Ballad of Bad Orpheus"

-the rock opera-

BADORPOptimized.jpg (13852 bytes)

December 9, 2000 -January15, 2001

Guy Richards Smit, in demonically funny roles as the super-horny killer heartthrob "Maxi Geil" or the artworld's funniest standup big painting guy "Jonathan Grossmalerman" skewers sacred cows from Fassbinder, Genet, Bryan Ferry to Ricard Serra and Julian Schnabel. His video personnae can tell it like it is, or better yet, how it will be the funniest. From one loveless egomaniac to the next, his characters bask in the glow of their own flaming crash and burns, as they wreak carnage all around.


March 17-April 14 2000

Guy Richards Smit

as Jonathon Grossmalerman In

"The Jonathan Series"



"Jonathan Series" Installation Shot



Watercolors by Guy Richards Smit


"Party Girl"


"Yes, My Imagination is a Paradise"


"Check Up"




"Studio Visit"






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