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2003 I Know You Came To Take Away My Toys, Fabian & Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
2003 Roebling Hall
1999 New Work, Binz 39, Zurich
1998 New Work, Staedtische Galerie Zimmermannhaus, Brugg
1997 More... The Sophisticated Art of Forgetting, Galerie Bernhard Schindler, Bern
1996 Still Life, Fabian Walter Galerie, Basel
1995 Choices, Apex Gallery, New York, curated by Jay Gorney
1995 Mrs. Chauchts Gift to the Young Lover, Galerie Bernhard Schindler,Bern
1994 Double Life, Staedtische Galerie im Zimmermannhaus, Brugg
1993 Stoffwechsel, Fabian Walter Galerie, Basel *

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2002 Inaugural Exhibition, Fabian and Claude Walter Galerie, Zurich
2002 Smooth Painting on the Move, Fabian and Claude Walter Galerie, Basel
2001 Selections: Painting Anthony Giordano Gallery, Islip Art Museum,
Oakdale NY*
2001 Marginalia, Millennium Film Inc. (curated by Marco Breuer)
2000 15 Year Anniversary Fabian and Claude Walter Galerie, Basel
2000 Urban Landscapes, Fabian and Claude Walter Galerie, Basel
1999 Spatial Interest, The Work Space, New York, curated by Marco Breuer
1999 Salon, Kunsthaus Aarau, curated by Rayelle Niemann *
1998 Swiss Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul,
curated by Hedy Graber and Fabian Walter
1998 Der Zweifel in der Darstellung, Villa Minimo, Hannover, curated by
Hlynur Hallsson and Marco Breuer
1997 Really, Gallery Unfinished, Brooklyn, curated by Donald O. Odita
1997 Swiss National Grant Exhibition, Basel
1997 Group Show, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia *

Seit 1970: Schweizer Kunst aus der Aargauischen Kunstsammlung, Kunsthaus Aarau

1996 Blue, Ten Years Klinik Im Park, Zurich

Black, White And Blue, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York, curated by Teresa Chong

1996 Momenta Art, Brooklyn, Exhibition and Auction
1996 Albert Einstein Medical School, Bronx
1995 Imaging The Body: An Artistic Diagnosis, New York Academy of Science and Binghamton University Art Museum,Binghamton, curated by Lynn Gamwell *
1995 Standbein-Spielbein, Galerie Bernhard Schindler, Bern
1995 Smells Like Vinyl, Roger Merians Gallery, New York
1995 Adieu Berowergut, Kunstverein Riehen, Riehen
1994 Double Vision, Swiss Institute, curated by Olivier Mosset and Not Vital *
1994 Three Painters,Kleines Helmaus, Zurich, curated by Simon Maurer *
1994 Statements, Fabian Walter Galerie, Basel
1994 New Acquisitions, Kunsthaus Aarau, Aarau
1994 Swiss National Grant, Exhibitions for the Recipients, Centre Pasqu' Art, Biel *
1994 Splat Figures, White Columns, New York, curated by Bill Arning
1993 Akzente, Galerie Bernhard Schindler, Bern
1993 Swiss National Grant, Exhibition and Grant, St. Gallen
1993 A Grand Tour, Swiss Institute, New York
1993 E-Venti, Pino Molica Gallery, Roma
1992 Small Work International, Amos Eno Gallery, New York
1992 E-Venti, Pino Molica Gallery, New York
1992 Sortiment, Basel
1992 The Neurotic Art Show, Artist Space, New York
1991 Swiss National Grant, Exhibition, Basel
1991 Galerie Bommer, Zurich
1991 Lichtblicke, Galerie Leonhard, Basel
1991 Curtain: InstallationProject Rosshof, University Of Basel *
1990 De Coloribus, Berowergut, Kunstverein Riehen, curated by Roberto Schiess *
1990 Swiss National Grant, Exhibition and Grant, Montreux
1990 Swiss National Grant, Exhibition for the Recipients, Kunstmuseum Zug*
1989 Staedtische Galerie im Zimmermannhaus, Brugg
1989 Height x With x Color, Kunsthaus Aarau, Aarau, curated by Beat Wismer and Stefan Kunz *
1988 Biennial Baselland, Bottmingen
1988 Art Council of Canton Aargau
1988 Art'88, Galerie Artforum (one day presentation)
1987 Art Council of Canton Aargau, Grant and Exhibition


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1993 Swiss National Grant
1990 Swiss National Grant
1987 Grant from the Art Council of the Canton Aargau

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1998 Major Oil Spills, with Christoph Draeger
1995 Palindrome, Production with Dance Company Philippe Saire,performances in Montreal, New York, Copenhagen (official Swiss participation at the European Arts Festival), Zurich, Basel, Luzern, Lausanne, San Francisco *

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Adriana Arenas - Erik Benson - Jane Benson - Sebastiaan Bremer - Paul Campbell - Christoph Draeger

Nancy Drew - Richard Galpin -Dan Ford- Cadence Giersbach - Deborah Grant - Kevin Francis Gray
Kysa Johnson - Nelson Leirner - Bjørn Melhus - Christoph Morlinghaus - Ivan Navárro -David Opdyke
Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley - Guy Richards Smit - Courtney Smith - Spessi - Eve Sussman ::

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