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Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2002 ?Imperfect Systems?, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • 2002 ?Imperfect Systems?, Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2001 ?Road Warriors?, Barcelona Culture Studio, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2000 ?Paintings From Brooklyn?, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • 1999 ?Remote Control?,Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1998 ?The Mechanical Hand?,Meagan Fox Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
  • 1996 Brooklyn Brewery Space, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1993 Berland/Hall Gallery , NY, NY
  • 1992 Berland/Hall Gallery , NY, NY
  • 1990 White Room Exhibition, White Columns Gallery, NY, NY
  • 1989 Cardin Space, NY, NY

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Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • 2001 ?Rene Allain, Paul Campbell, John Zinsser?, Rodger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago, IL
  • ?Group Exhibition?, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • ?Brooklyn, New Work?, Curated by Linda Francis, The Cathedral of Saint John the Devine, NY, NY
  • ?Metro-New York?, Curated by Kenise Barnes,Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center
  • ?Summer Group?, Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago, IL
  • ?Site Santa Fe Benefit?, James Kelly Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
  • ?Summer Exhibition?, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • 2000 ?Group Exhibition?, Ferran Cano Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • ?Re:Place?, Planet Thailand, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Recent Acquisitions", Norton Foundation, LA, CA
  • ?Melting Pot?, Curated by Alex Muse, Kanise Barnes Gallery, Larchmont, NY
  • ?Gifted?, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • 1999 ?Postmark: An Abstract Effect?, Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
  • ?Art For Park?, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Abstract", Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago, Ill.
  • "(P)review", Roebling, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1998 "A Slice of the Apple", Curated by Robert Kingston, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.
  • "A Painting Show", Roebling Hall Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Pattern", Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, Oregon
  • "Art Exhange Show", 2 Broadway, NY, NY
  • "Vanguard Visions Benefit", The Workspace Gallery, NY, NY
  • "Color in Motion", George Billis Gallery, NY, NY
  • "Salon 75, Benefit Exhibition", Brooklyn, NY
  • 1997 "Vertical/Horizontal", Satellite Gallery, Long Island City, NY
  • "Current Undercurrent: Working in Brooklyn", The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn NY
  • "Recurence", Gallery Korea, NY, NY
  • "LA Art Fair", Hotel Monmartre, LA, CA
  • "The Reflected Spirit", Megan Fox Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • "Pierogi Files", Gasworks Gallery, London, England
  • "Pierogi Files", Corner House Gallery, Manchester, England
  • "Pierogi Files", Weatherspoon Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC
  • "Take Home a Nude", The New York Academy of Art, NY, NY
  • 1996 "Mechanisms of Sensibility", Curated by Joel Beck, Salon 75, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Dots and Lines", Curated by Theresa Chong, 8th Floor Gallery, NY, NY
  • "Take Home a Nude", New York Academy of Art, NY, NY
  • "Image /After Image", Work Space Gallery, NY, NY
  • 1995 "Selections", Adam Baumgold Fine Art, NY, NY
  • "Down the Garden Path", Curated by Lesley Heller, Work Space Gallery, NY, NY
  • "Benefit Exhibition", Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Works on Paper", Curated by Chris Martin, S. Cono, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Other Rooms", Ronald Feldman Gallery, NY, NY
  • 1994 "Jobs Overseas", Munchen Kunstverein, Munich Germany
  • "Selections", Adam Baumgold Fine Art, NY, NY
  • "Dyad", Curated by Annie Herron, Pierogi 2000 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Paintings and Unrelated Stories", Mustard Space, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1993 "Four Walls Benefit", David Zwirner Gallery, NY, NY
  • "Support Foundation Benefit Exhibition", Christies, NY, NY
  • "Inaugural Benefit Exhibition", Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1992 "The Neurotic Art Show Part II", Artist Space, NY, NY
  • "The Travel and Leisure Show", Four Walls Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1991 "Japan Airlines Anniversary Exhibition", JFK International Airport, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Update 90-91", White Columns Gallery, NY, NY
  • "The Neurotic Art Show", Four Walls Gallery, NY, NY
  • "Benefit Exhibit", White Columns Gallery, NY, NY
  • 1989 "Back Room Inaugral", Curated by Judd Nelson, Kasias, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Fresh Paint", Hurlbut Gallery, Greenwich, Ct
  • 1988 "The Building Show", Curated by Mary Funnell & Paul Campbell, Minor Injury Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 1987 "A Man and a Woman", Dramatis Personae Gallery, NY, NY
  • 1986 "Invitational Group", New Math Gallery, NY, NY
  • "Brooklyn 1985", The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Small Works Big Thinkers", Bess Cutler Gallery, NY, NY
  • "Small Works", Washington Square Gallery, NY, NY
  • 1984 "Materials for the Arts", Cultural Affairs Building, NY, NY
  • 1983 "The Marathon Show, New York Road Runners Club, NY, NY
  • 1981 "Massachusetts Council Exhibition", Danforth Museum of Art, Worcestor Ma.
  • 1980 "Massachusetts Council Exhibition", Rose Art Museum, Waltham Ma.

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Selected Bibliography:

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