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  • 1996-99 Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, N.Y) M.F.A. (Painting)
  • 1994-95 Chelsea College of Art (London) Diploma in Foundation Studies F.A
  • 1994 Chelsea College of Art (London) Summer- Photography
  • 1994 City Lit (London) Painting and Illustration
  • 1989-93 Politecnico GranColombiano (Bogotá, Colombia) Marketing and Advertising
  • 1990 F.I.T. (New York) Summer - Photography, Sculpture
  • 1991-92 Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) Fine Arts
  • 1988-89 Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) Architecture


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  • 2002/3 Site Specific (Bronx, New York) Bronx Museum of Art
  • 2002 Site Specific (Houston, Texas) Rice University Art Galler
  • 2001 Sweet Illusion (Overland Park, Kansas) JCCC Art Gallery of Art
  • 2000 Sweet Illusion - curated by Sue Spaid (Cincinnati, Ohio) Contemporary Arts Center
  • 2000 Race Factory (New York) V. Kapernicas Fine Arts
  • 1999 Race Factory (Pereira, Colombia) Museo de Arte de Pereira
  • 1997 Discernible Proportions - curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud (New York) Space 2.D
  • 1996 Martin Abad, From the villa, to the universe (Pereira, Colombia) Museo de Arte de Pereira


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  • 2001 National Print Biennial - curated by Marilyn Kushner (Brooklyn - N.Y) Brooklyn Museum of Art
  • 2001 Sweet Illusion (Toronto, Canada) Image Festival
  • 2001 Happy Songs and Pretty Girls ( Windsor, Canada) Media City 7
  • 2000 Nomads - curated by Euridice Arratia (Havana) Havana Biennial
  • 2000 B&W and of Color - curated by Bertha Sichel (Madrid) Museo de Arte Reina Sofia
  • 2000 Aural Sex - curated by Marcia Tanner and C. Clark (S.F -C.A) Catherine Clark Gallery
  • 2000 Amigo Racism - curated by Carolina Ponce de Leon (S.F -C.A) Galeria de la Raza
  • 2000 Sidelong Glance - curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud (Green Point, N. Y) im il lin
  • 2000 Greater New York (L.I.C, N. Y) P.S.1
  • 1999 One night event - curated by Kathy Brew - T-Gulch (New York) The Void
  • 1999 Status.quo (Bogotá - Colombia) Valenzuela & Klenner
  • 1999 N.Y- N.Y - Big City of Dreams - curated by Franklin Sirmans (Milan - Italy) Openspace
  • 1999 Porta DOriente - curated by Gianni Romano (Bisceglie - Italy) Palazzo Tupputi
  • 1999 Cross Points (Bogotá - Colombia) Casa de la Moneda
  • 1999 Parking (New York) May Day Productions
  • 1999 Infra-Slim (New York) May Day Productions
  • 1999 Three Suitcases - curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud (Mexico City) Art & Idea
  • 1999 10/10 - curated by Rosario Lopez (Bogotá - Colombia) Ministry of Culture
  • 1998 Salón Nacional de Artistas - (Bogotá - Colombia) Ministry of Culture
  • 1998 Scope 3 (New York) Artist Space
  • 1998 In Sync (New York) Anthology Film Archives
  • 1998 May 17, 1998 (near Cold Springs, N.Y) May Day Productions
  • 1998 Recent Landscapes (New York) John Tevis Projects
  • 1998 Yellow (New York) John Tevis Projects
  • 1998 Fold it into a box& a group show (New York) Space 2.D
  • 1997 Fictive, an art and fashion show (New York) The Tunnel

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  • 2000 Fake Wedding #2 (Obando, Colombia) Cauca Valley - Hacienda La Coquetona
  • 1997 Reaching the Mountain (Obando, Colombia) Cauca Valley - Hacienda La Coquetona
  • 1997 Sweet Illusion (Pereira, Colombia) Coffee Zone - Finca El Brillante
  • 1992 Fake Wedding #1 (Bogotá, Colombia) From the house, to a political site, to a bar
  • 1991 Nos Vamos a Comer a la Zorra (Bogotá, Colombia) Cra. 7 ma. Calle 82 a la 1ra

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  • 1999 World Views (New York) Lower Manhattan Cultural Center
  • 1998 Salón Nacional de Artistas - (Bogotá - Colombia) " Ministry of Culture Honorary Mention

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  • 2001 Sweet Illusion (Johnson County Community College - Catalog) EURIDICE ARRATIA
  • 2000 Greater New York (PS1 Contemporary Art Center - Catalog) LAURA HOPTMAN
  • 2000 Race Factory - (Art Nexus - November 2000 - Pgs. 153 - 154) RAUL SAMUDIO
  • 2000 Carga y Descarga (Columbia University- Pgs. 120 to 135) MAX FIERST
  • 2000 Topor / Bad Nostalgia (Artext - No. 70 - Pgs.19-20) CHRIS KRAUS
  • 2000 The Emerging Factor (Art in America - July 2000 - Pgs 44 - 49) CAROL KINO
  • 2000 New York Contemporary, Defined 150 Ways (New York Times - March 6, 2000) HOLLAND COTTER
  • 2000 Greater Expectations (Village Voice - March 8 - 14, 2000) JERRY SALTZ
  • 2000 "Modeschau durch Zuckerwatte" (NZZ-Zurich-Freitag, 03.03.2000 Nr.53-65) MATTHIAS FREHNER
  • 2000 Adriana Arenas Conquers New York (CROMOS - June 12 of 2000 Pgs. 104-105) LUZ STELLA TOCANCIPA
  • 1999 Adriana Arenas - Section: People (El Diario del Otún - April 11th - Page 3C) ALBERTO RIVERA
  • 1999 Porta DOriente - Survey on Contemporary Art (Catalog) GIANNI ROMANO
  • 1999 Perception: Cross Roads (Catalog) NATALIA GUTIERREZ
  • 1999 Cross Roads (Catalog) JAIME CERON
  • 1999 Race Factory ( Museo de arte de Pereira - Catalog) RIKE FRANK
  • 1999 10/10 Exhibition (The Colombian Ministry of Culture - Catalog) ROSARIO LOPEZ
  • 1998 CULTURE/Art Criticism (EL ESPECTADOR, Bogota - Tuesday, July 28th - Page 3C) JOSE HERNAN AGUILAR
  • 1998 Latent Ambiguity (INTAR Gallery - Catalog) EDUARDO CASARES


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Welcome to PS1 Museum

... Felty. Adriana Arenas Max Fierst. Jude Tallichet Matthew Freeman. Jennifer Bornstein Petrea Frid. Nikki ... - 29k


Art in America:

... Other highlights were some excellent videos, like Adriana Arenas Ilian's wry Sweet Illusion. This work paired a soundtrack of sentimental Colombian love songs ...


PS1 Review

... passionate Colombian folk songs soar through a lovely video piece by Adriana Arenas, and a throbbing, addictive technopulse (music by Wolfgang Voigt) emanates ...


ART REVIEW: New York Contemporary, Defined 150 Ways

... passionate Colombian folk songs soar through a lovely video piece by Adriana Arenas, and a throbbing, addictive technopulse (music by Wolfgang Voigt) emanates ...


Artnet News 2/10/00

... Terence Accola, Manuel Acevedo, Ricci Albenda, Ghada Amer, Alfredo Arcia, Adriana Arenas, Michael Ashkin, Nicole Awai, Adam Baer, Tracey Baran, Aidas Bareikis ...


The 2000-2001 Contemporary Arts Center Season

... Sweet Illusions Adriana Arenas Ilian Sponsored by Lightborne Communications, Inc. September 9 - November 5, 2000. ...


Sweet Illusions

Adriana Arenas Ilian. Sponsored by Lightborne Communications, Inc. Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, is pleased to present Sweet Illusions ...


Cincinnati Arts

... CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER Sweet Illusions: Adriana Arenas Ilian, a Columbian artist who is exploring the escapist ideals of young love through the use of images ...


The Louisville Scene - Visual Arts

... There's also a multimedia exhibition, "Sweet Illusions: Adriana Arenas Ilian," exploring the ideals of young love. ...


SF Bay Area Fine Arts: Events: August-September 2000

... use contemporary technologies; others are pointedly low-tech. Participating artists include Adriana Arenas, Nina Katchadourian, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Ed Osborn ... - 101k 



... Ángel Rojas, José Alejandro Restrepo, Juan Fernando Herrán, Wilson Díaz y Adriana Arenas. La idea de la exposición es generar reflexiones en torno al ... - 51k


Museo Nacional

Cuba Abraham Cruzvillegas - artista, México Adriana Arenas Ilian - artista, Nova York Adriana Varejão - artista, Rio de Janeiro Agnaldo ...


FEED | Essay: The Challenge of Exhibiting a Supernatural ...

... Adriana Arenas, a Colombian artist, received what she felt was a particularly insightful e-mail from a girl attending an elementary school in Westchester. ...



... Saturdays 12-6 pm and by appointment). It's run by an interesting young woman originally from Columbia named Adriana Arenas. While I was there I was wondering ...


All Exhibitions

... De Chiara y Omar Lopez-Chahoud. Participan: Jim Anderson, Adriana Arenas, Dexter Buell, Mary Ellen Carroll, Hilda Daniel, Wilson Diaz, Luke Dowd, Thomas Eller ... | enlaces | museos nuevo media

... la Moneda de Bogotá. Obras de catorce artistas: Rolf Abderhalden, Adriana Arenas, José Alejandro Restrepo, José Calderón, Ana Claudia Múnera, Wilson Díaz ...


Noticia 2

... de la República en Santafé de Bogotá. Ellos son Rolf Abederhalden, Adriana Arenas, José Gabriel Calderon, Wilson Díaz, Danilo Dueñas, Jorge González ...



... CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER -Offers Sweet Illusions by Adriana Arenas intermingled with Leaf Leap (All the World's Leaves) by Kim Abeles. Also showing Africans ...


Get to it

... the World's Leaves), interactive art for children; and Sweet Illusions: Adriana Arenas Ilian, a multimedia work by Colombian artist Adriana Arenas Ilian. 10 am ...


Bulletin Board

... Venetia Kapernekas Fine Arts, Inc. Announces Adriana Arenas Ilian: "race factory" Venetia Kapernekas Fine Arts, Inc. is pleased to present first New York solo ... - 4k


Race Factory

... Razas In Race Factory Adriana Arenas Ilian uses the motif of reflection in a variety of ways, developing it to the formal and conceptual structure in her work. ...

... Venetia Kapernekas Fine Arts, Inc. is pleased to present the first New York solo show by Adriana Arenas Ilian titled "race factory". "race factory" is an ...


Action Videos by artists from Mexico and Colombia

... Mexican police force, so extreme it's like a farce. The Garland (Adriana Arenas, 3:28 min, 1999, Colombia) A transformative music video, for the artist that is ... - 8k


NART Magazine : Features : International scene

... photography. Participating artists include Adriana Arenas, Nina Katchadourian, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Ed Osborn, Alison Ruttan, Sheri Simons, and Connie Walsh. A ...


Cross Roads

... Sobresalieron en la muestra algunos trabajos como los realizados por José Alejandro Restrepo, Danilo Dueñas, Beltrán Obregóny Adriana Arenas. ...


announcer 99.45 [b]

... of the World Trade Center. Featuring a site specific sound installation created by Stephen Vitiello and a selection of video works by Adriana Arenas Ilian. ...



... Glance, curated by artist-curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud, featuring: Adriana Arenas Ilian, Adam Ames, Francois Bucher, Linda Cummings, Hilda Daniels, Peter Dudek ...


La Vitrina | Calendar

... Including action Videos by Latin American Artists, among them Adriana Arenas Ilian, Silvia Gruner, Eduardo Difarnecio, Julieta López Aranda, and Yoshua Okon ...

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