October 19-November 18, 2002

Installation view of "Sometimes" at Roebling Hall


Roebling Hall is pleased to present the first U.S. solo gallery exhibition of the celebrated video work of Bjørn Melhus. Titled "SOMETIMES," Melhus' newest video installation characteristically features multiple levels of sound, language and image. Working largely with preexisting acoustic material, like that found in classic films and daytime television, Melhus reassembles borrowed words and images into enveloping fields replete with new rhythmic, spatial and temporal sequences.
Developed during Melhus' residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York last year and first exhibited at the Kunsthalle Bremen (Germany) from August to September of this year, "SOMETIMES" mines the passage from the fictional to the real, examining the paranoia that is engendered in situations in which reality falls apart.
Conceived of as a large-scale video installation, "SOMETIMES" features four projections of four slightly different characters, all played by the artist himself. Gathered around a literal campfire of television monitors, Melhus' characters engage in a dramatically pitched conversation revolving around the notions of fear, insecurity and survival. Taken from movies like John Carpenter's "Prince Of Darkness," Philip Kaufman's "The Bodysnatchers" and Paul Anderson's "Event Horizon," "SOMETIMES" pushes its original imagery and recycled audio into a strange domain where impending catastrophe and its aftermath appear to inhabit the same unsettling moment.
Bjørn Melhus has exhibited his work, among other venues, at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Kunsthalle Bremen, Museum Ludwig Cologne, Kunstverein Hanover, Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Sprengel Museum Hanover and the Goethe-Institute New York.


Video Still from "Sometimes" (2002)


Video Still from "Sometimes"





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